Golden – Matthews-Winters / Dakota Ridge

Rated: Intermediate to Advanced (with the very beginning of the trail rated Beginner. Once you take the trail to where it takes two tight downhill switchbacks into the ravine, a beginner should be warned that the trail becomes very rocky if on the lower trail OR very rocky with a nice climb up the plateau (Morrison Slide Trail) with a gnarly downhill on the south side. Dakota Ridge (across the road from the Matthews-Winters Trailhead) is an ADVANCED trail.

Trail Map:


From I-70 or U.S. Highway 40, go south on State Highway 93 approximately 0.1 mile and turn at the park entrance on the west side of the road. An alternative is the Stegosaurus Park-n-Ride Lot on the east side of the road, south of I-70, allowing access to the Dakota Ridge Trail.