Golden – Chimney Gulch

The mountain trail version of the roadie climb up Lookout Mtn: Rated: Advanced.

This trail gives you about 4.5 miles of climbing with tight, steep switchbacks at the beginning of the trail. Some rocky technical, some smooth, great views, 3 road crossings. When you hit the picnic table at the top you have the option of riding a connector trail over to the top of Apex or turn around for a stellar downhill.

If you choose to take Apex down, go right at the road at the picnic table and look for a small trail that is on your left. This heads off between the road and a large fence. It is recommended jumping on this singletrack and following it for a mile or so as it is fast, fairly level, and great fun. When you reach the end you will be at the intersection of Colorow Rd & Lookout Mtn Rd. This is where you can catch the descent into Apex/Enchanted Forest park. Please observe the ride day rules for Apex and Enchanted Forest. EVEN DAYS for riding DOWN Enchanted Forest and Apex. Once you get to the bottom of Apex, take the bike trail left and back to your cars parked on 6th Ave at the Chimney Gulch trailhead.

Trail Map:

Directions: The easiest way to get there is to take Hwy 6 North from I-70 for about 2 miles. Just as you pass the light for 19th Street, you will notice a small dirt pullout on the left side. It is recommended that you continue on to the Hwy 58 intersection and turn left at the light. Turn around and head back up 6th to the dirt lot (it’s easier than trying to turn across traffic and risk getting rear ended by those coming up behind you!)