Member Code of Conduct


All Club and Race Team members of the Dirt Divas, as part of being supported by some very AWESOME sponsors, have certain responsibilities to maintain for our continuing sponsorships. Please HONOR our Sponsors by:

  • Being discreet and respectful with your membership privileges. PLEASE do not mention the specifics of your special discounted pricing to friends, clients, or other mountain bikers with whom you communicate or with whom you ride. This creates complications and can result in our losing the sponsorships we have worked so hard to obtain for your cycling enjoyment!
  • Please represent the Dirt Divas and our sponsors in a professional manner.
  • Please provide the Dirt Divas with High Resolution photos when available so that we can distribute these to our sponsors if requested.
  • Please add as a friend or become a fan of our sponsors with Facebook and follow them (and the Dirt Divas) on Twitter
  • Please tag our sponsors in your Facebook and Twitter updates or pictures (by using the @ symbol) when mentioning them and/or their products
  • Post Product Reviews on our Sponsor’s websites, blogs, Amazon, etc.
  • Always spread the word about our sponsors! Remember, advertising our sponsors benefits us!


  • The Dirt Divas will be taking photos of our rides and periodically making these photos available to our sponsors as part of our obligation to receive their sponsorship.
  • We may be requested to make ourselves, as Dirt Divas, available if contacted, to represent our sponsors as ambassadors at local or regional biking events.