Thursday Evening Social Mountain Bike Ride

June 8, 2017 - 5:30 pm


Join us for our first DEMO ride with Intense Cycles at Alderfer/3 Sisters park.  After the ride, we’ll hit up Beau Jo’s or ?? for some eats and brew!  We recommend that you put a request in if you are wanting to ride a specific type of bike. Otherwise, it is first come, first served.

Here is the BETA:

  • Meet at the 2nd large lot just past the big yellow farm house.
  • Meet time is 5:30 pm with wheels down at 6:00 pm — if you want to demo a bike, it is recommended that you arrive at 5:30.
  • If you are not a member, a waiver (which can be downloaded from our website) must be signed and returned to us. (remember, you get 2 free intro rides to see if we are a good fit before deciding to join)
  • RSVP is greatly appreciated.

Please RSVP here:


  • You MUST have a safe helmet no older than 5 years.
  • You MUST have a working bike that has been serviced within the last few months
  • TIRE Pressure should be checked: Good rule of thumb on tire pressure is weight based:
    • For TUBELESS tires: If your weight is between 100 to 120 lbs = 18 to 20 psi
    • Between 125 to 135 lbs = 22 to 25 psi
    • Between 140 to 160lbs = 27 to 32 psi
    • TUBED tires: Add 3 to 5 psi
  • Chains should be lubed (if they haven’t been touched since last winter)
  • BRING WATER – preferably a hydration pack
  • BRING gels, goo, chews, snack to prevent bonking (On day of ride, be sure to be hydrating for most of the day and be sure to have eaten at least 2 – 3 hours before the ride.)
  • Always BRING a wind and/or rain jacket. You just never know if our weather will change while we are out and it’s better to be prepared.