Level 2 Skills Clinic – Cornering

August 23, 2017 - 6:00 pm

Golden, CO

Skills Clinic is at Apex Open Space Park in Golden.  This is a Level 2 Clinic. All participants must have taken a Level 1 clinic within the last 2 years. We will do a quick review of the basic skills before getting into the cornering/switchback methods.

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  • Review basic bike handling skills
    • Correct bike set up
    • Correct movement on bike
    • How to stop without skidding out and ruining trail
    • Front end wheel lifts
  • Learning Technique
    • Movement on bike for switchbacks
    • The LOOK.
    • Practice and putting it all together!

Pricing for Clinic:  $85.00

Payment method:

  • Paypal Friends & Family. Email: dirtdivasmtb@gmail.com
  • Check
  • Cash

Please be sure to RSVP above.