Level 1 Skills Clinic

May 10, 2017 - 6:00 pm

Golden, CO

Our once/month clinics will be starting in May (weather permitting). So get your ride one, get some skills under your belt and sign up for the Level 1 skills clinic when its offered. That is the prerequisite for the Level 2 clinic.  These clinics will be offered a once per month so check back to see when the dates will be.  RSVP required — click this link (DO NOT FILL OUT BELOW RSVP FORM — IT IS BROKEN)

Beta on Level 1 Clinics:

  • 2nd Wednesday of each month through September
  • 6:00 pm at the Apex Open Space Parking lot (Clinics may move to different locations so look for a change of venue announcement).
  • 4 person minimum and 10 person max
  • 1st hour — learn basics
  • 2nd hour — put the basics to trail use if required
  • RSVP required, and prepayment through paypal

Skills learned in Level 1 Clinics are core skills and all other clinics build from this:

  • Correct Body Position
  • Balanced Weight Placement
  • Vision, how to look ahead
  • Bike Set up for Optimal Riding and Control
  • How to Brake effectively
  • How To Clear Large Obstacles (doing a front wheel lift — wheelie)
  • How to Interpret the Trail to Ride Fast and Smooth

Please use PayPal.com for payment to Zach Griffith at zstyle_22@yahoo.com .  Please use the Friends/Family payment method.

Member pricing is $60 for a 2-hour session.  Non-member pricing is:  $85/2 hr session

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