Buffalo Creek Parking — PSA

During the last weekend of May, the Dirt Divas received a courtesy email detailing some parking changes at Buffalo Creek. These changes will affect any who ride there on super busy days due to rain events on the Front Range.  The email is below:

“Today (Monday, May 25th), I received a phone call from the person who manages the parking at the volunteer “tent” parking lot just off Hwy 126 and Forest Service Road 543 in Buffalo Creek. 

Here’s the information she presented: 

1. The “tent” lot was purchased by the community from the North Fork Fire Protection District and is now run by the community 

2. They have expanded the tent lot by another 40 or so spaces by pushing back the railroad timbers. 

3. Parking at the so-called Forest Service lot is no longer allowed because it is mostly Jefferson County right-of-way and must be kept open for emergency vehicles. She was not clear on who owes the rest of the lot, but indicated once parking starts in this lot, it spills into the dirt right-of-ways for the Jefferson County road that goes by the Forest Service Buildings and another road that heads up the hill. 

4. The Community Center on the left side as you drive to the tent lot cannot make its lot available for parking because there are sometimes other events such as weddings and community parties that often need this lot. If bikers started parking there, it would form a pattern that would be hard to disrupt when a community event was occurring at the same time. 

5. The worst news. When the volunteer “tent” lot is full, the only options are to drive 4 more miles and park at the Scraggy Peak lot or go to Pine Valley and park there. She advised getting there early to find a parking spot in the tent lot. 

6. She also mentioned that this riding area was just ranked #9 in the U.S. for mountain biking which will draw even more riders. It’s also one of the few places that can be ridden when it has rained because it’s not dirt, but crushed granite rock. 

She was very nice and she’s the person who puts out all the food and drinks at the volunteer tent lot.