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Spring Newsletter – Allergies, Diet, Energy, Dirt Divas, and Goodbye to Jennie… 

Allergy Season already upon us…

I ordered extra Bi Yan Pian – which translates as Nasal Sinus Pill or unstuff your nose pill.  This formula is in stock and ready to pick up if you suffer from stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing.  I love Bi Yan Pian because it does not give me that spacey feeling that you get from Claritin, etc.  It is also milder and most of my patients tell me that they take a couple in the morning and do not need it the rest of the day on milder allergy days.  It works all right for moderate allergy days too.  You just increase the dose to 3-4 tablets 4 times a day.  If you are a current patient, you can simply call me to come in and pick up the formula without an examination or treatment.  The small bottle of 200 pills is $17.09 with tax. 

Remember that most allergies stem from a weak digestive system and possible food allergies.  If this is the case, adjusting your diet is a huge part of having less symptoms and less phlegm.  Eliminate dairy or cut it back to one serving a day.  Dairy is a dense nutrient rich food and it often creates phlegm in our system.  This phlegm blocks the flow of energy and thereby increases stress on the Liver system.  This can make you more irritable.  

Seasonal Diet Adjustment

As it warms up outside, go ahead and start to eat more neutral to cool foods.  Ease up on the soups and stews and start to add raw foods back in.  If you suffer from phlegm or nausea, then you should continue to eat more cooked foods such as lentil soup, vegetable soup, and squash.  Raw foods are harder to digest, stressing out a weak digestive system. 

Chinese Diet Therapy is personalized to you.  If you are confused about what applies to you, which fad diet to follow, why you aren’t losing weight or feeling better, then schedule a regular session and after I diagnose you, we can design a customized plan for how to eat better and feel better! 

Did you get your Spring Seasonal Tune Up Coupon…

If you did not get one, call my office to update your address.  If you did get one – remember the $50 seasonal tune up offer expires on 4/30.  Aligning your body to the season helps you to have milder allergies and feel ready to move forward and shake off the winter.  

From Winter to Spring…

Winter is a season where we rest more and recharge.  It is a time of planning and dreaming.  Like nature outside, the days are longer, the plants go dormant, and mother nature quiets down.  This Winter was not a very restful one.  I think most of us found ourselves doing a lot this Winter.  

How is that affecting your Spring Bloom?  Well if you were overly busy this Winter, you may be struggling to find enough energy to sprout.  You may have plans, but not feel like you have enough oomph to make it all happen.  

Acupuncture can tune you up and give you an energy boost.

Or I have some great herbal formulas to help strengthen your system as well.

This is something else we can address during a Spring Tune Up…

If you have a lingering cough…

If you are not sleeping well…

If you are under stress…

Then it is time to get in and see me so you can start feeling better. 

Spring is my favorite time of year to get a tune up. 

Dirt Divas

I am excited to be providing discounted acupuncture and support to the Dirt Divas women’s cycling club and race team.  This group does a tremendous job of empowering women to learn the skills they need to succeed on and off the trail.  You can check them out   

I will be out at Ridgeline on April 20th and the Beti Bike Bash on June 2nd.  Look for the Dirt Divas tent and say HI!! 

Goodbye to Jennie

Good Needles wishes Jennie much success as she starts her own practice in downtown Denver. 

Happy Easter!


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