Squirt Lube

Article posted on Tuesday, December, 11th, 2012 at 5:18 pm
Written by DIRTDIVA

Squirt Lube — It’s all I will use on my mountain bike chain. It keeps my drive train clean and smoothly running. It inhibits wear and tear on the drive train as well. When riding in the type of conditions we ride in: sand, dirt, mud, granite gravel, clay, etc — it’s nice to have a lube that can withstand the elements more effectively than other types of chain lube. It’s also pretty darn cool that it doesn’t leave a horrible wax residue either even though it is a wax bases lube.

The developer of this lube has used a different technique that takes this wax-based lube to new heights and debunks the “never use a wax lube” diatribe you get from all service mechanics everywhere. It is a wax lube in a water base that actually helps to prevent that horrible wax build up that can harm a bike’s drive train.

I’ve used this product since 2008. No complaints. Ever.