Great Skills Clinic — Level 1

Article posted on Wednesday, May, 23rd, 2012 at 12:29 pm
Written by DIRTDIVA

Submitted by Asagi Seeley.  I thought class was great. I put some skills I learned to the test last night at Lair O’ Bear and I can tell I have more control of the bike while descending (okay I did not ride those scary looking rock sections) Wheelie technique he taught us came in handy at the switchback with erosion/water bar. Now I can approach those stupid things with more ease so I can focus more on the switchbacks. Turning technique he taught us was great. I could definitely tell when I was executing it correctly (faster, less breaking and tighter turn) and incorrectly (breaking way to much and slow, very wide turn). Now each trail ride gives me purpose. Thank you Zach for the great instructions and Dirt Divas for hosting this great event.