Centennial Cone

Event posted on Friday, July, 12th, 2013 at 10:44 pm
Posted by DIRTDIVA

On July 17th, we will meet at the Mayhem Gulch TH parking lot.  This is a 15 – 18-ish mile loop ride.  It is labeled as intermediate.  We will meet at Woody’s or Table Mountain Inn or the Sherpa House  after the ride for a bit of socializng, so come prepared to not only ride, but to enjoy a few wet ones and food to boot after all our pedaling!

WHERE:  Centennial Cone.  We ALL will meet at the Mayhem Gulch trailhead up Clear Creek Canyon on 6th Ave.

DIRECTIONS:  To get to the trailhead from Denver, take 6th Avenue Freeway west for about 12 miles (if you start your odometer at the 6th Ave and I-25 intersection) until you get to the Route 93, Route 58 and 6th Avenue intersection near Golden, CO. Turn left onto Clear Creek Canyon (this is the same as 6th Ave) and go about 10 miles until you see the Mayhem Gulch Parking lot on your right. Park here and you will see the beginning of the trail at the west end of the lot.

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 17th.  Meet at 5:30 pm.  Wheels down between 5:45 & 5:50 (traffic can be a bit onery)

WHAT:  A social mtn bike ride — ALL levels, no drop!  Be sure to come prepared with plenty of water & electrolites, gels, a wind jkt (maybe it will rain??), etc.  It is advisable to eat a bite before the ride.  This will be an approximately 2+ hour ride.  BRING RIDE LIGHTS if you have them just in case we aren’t as quick as we think we can be!

NOTE:  For those ladies who feel that they are not quite up to the Mayhem Gulch climb and then the whole loop, a group of us will drive up to the top of Centennial Cone to start there AFTER gathering at the Mayhem Gulch TH first!

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