Ten Ways To Tell if You’re a Fat Biker By Sandra Marticio, Fat Biker, Races for Team Dirt Divas.10.  If you think pushing a 35 lb bike through snow and over ice is a great way to build your core strength and improve your bike [Read More...]

Trail Stewardship Team Online Application Are you a Jefferson County resident, between the ages of 14 and 18, and want a rewarding and challenging summer work opportunity? The work is hard and demanding, but it can be fun and enjoyable, too. Created in 1975, the nationally acclaimed [Read More...]

“Being Honest About your Strengths”

Everyone needs a rabbit…right?  by Sandra Marticio, Dirt Divas Fat Biker.   Crested Butte is my favorite of all the Colorado ski towns—bike friendly, very fit, and super chill. When I discovered CB was hosting a fat bike race, I immediately put it on the [Read More...]

This article is reposted with permission from VIDA MTB, Elena Forchielli. Getting it right “There is something to be gained by turning some dials.”  If knowledge is power, then we can acquire greater mastery over our bikes by learning a bit more about them.  Bike [Read More...]