“Being Honest About your Strengths”

Everyone needs a rabbit…right?  by Sandra Marticio, Dirt Divas Fat Biker.   Crested Butte is my favorite of all the Colorado ski towns—bike friendly, very fit, and super chill. When I discovered CB was hosting a fat bike race, I immediately put it on the [Read More...]

This article is reposted with permission from VIDA MTB, Elena Forchielli. Getting it right “There is something to be gained by turning some dials.”  If knowledge is power, then we can acquire greater mastery over our bikes by learning a bit more about them.  Bike [Read More...]

Fatbike racing-Not all fun and games! When I rented a fatbike last winter, I went plodding around the Chainsaw/Zoom/Flume loop in Fraser and some gravel roads at Buffalo Creek. It was great fun, especially when the snow was packed. When conditions were deep powder, it [Read More...]