This article was originally posted on Facebook by SingleTracks. MOUNTAIN BIKE BASICS: TRAIL ETIQUETTE We live on an increasingly crowded planet and trails, whether we hike or ride them, are a refuge from the daily grind. And while these wonderful strips of bare ground in [Read More...]

The 12 Hours in the Wild West was my first attempt at an “endurance” race, as my first year racing and riding I had focused on shorter (8-20 mile) cross country events. I chose to do the duo format with a friend and former Dirt [Read More...]

18 April 2015, I had a blast at my first mountain bike race: 6 Hours in Frog Hollow, down in Hurricane, Utah. I camped on-site and managed to make friends with the folks camping next to me who turned out the be very supportive and [Read More...]

April Race Results Dina Klancir- 4th place Open Female Duo- 12 Hours in the Wild West Kellie Gorman- 4th place Solo Female- 6 hours in Frog Hollow Jennie Showers- 2nd place Female 30-39- Ridgeline Rampage English Clough- 1st place Female 50-59- Ridgeline Rampage

Ten Ways To Tell if You’re a Fat Biker By Sandra Marticio, Fat Biker, Races for Team Dirt Divas.10.  If you think pushing a 35 lb bike through snow and over ice is a great way to build your core strength and improve your bike [Read More...]