Volunteer Opportunities

As with any volunteer – run club, we are always in need of volunteers. Remember that no club can succeed without its members making a club its own – ┬ámuch like the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” – so it is with a club: It takes the members to help a club blossom into something even better. So, we encourage you to take part in making this club “blossom” simply by volunteering. Here is a list of suggestions for ways in which you can help. This is NOT an all inclusive list and you may have some cool volunteer ideas to share with us or we may realize that there are needs that have not been addressed.

  • We are ALWAYS in need of ride sweep and lead help on our social rides.
  • Planning of social activities & get-togethers
  • Blogging
  • Photo taking
  • Fundraising for items such as a pop-up tent or camp grill or repair stand or stickers or other club needs.
  • Participation in various committees i.e. trailwork & advocacy, DH rides, race team help (even though you aren’t racing), cheering our race ladies on when they are mountain biking, racing, destination ride planning, etc. etc.

Please complete the form below describing your ideas and/or in what ways you would like to volunteer and then submit.