About The Dirt Divas

What was needed was a social riding group for those of the female gender. Specifically, a social mountain bike riding group. How many times had I heard, “I’ll slow him down,” or “he expects me to just fly over those rocks!” or “I know he says he doesn’t mind, but….”.  Women ride differently than men do.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t like to ride hard, we do.  We can be totally “hardcore” — but we are women, which means that we like to chit chat, stop and smell the flowers, encourage one another over obstacles, laugh and make the whole experience fun!

So, a few years ago, while working for a relatively large shop in the Denver area, I convinced my managers that we needed a women specific mountain bike group.  They were kind enough to let me give it a try.  By the second year, we needed a community group site to share our experiences, pictures and emails.  I decided to develop a google group site as our communication device.  That site has grown by leaps and bounds.  Enough so, that we now have this site so that people can find us!  It was so difficult to yell out “check out the google group site and search for Dirt Divas!”  Who would ever remember all that?!  So now, all I have to shout is “thedirtdivas.com” !!  Oh, yeah, baby!

I have been in the cycling industry for several years.  I’m the tomboy girl who was riding bmx bikes and hittin the jumps and always trying to beat the boys.  Hmmmmm, never did too often.  Whatever!  I totally had tons of fun — and I still do.  I don’t race — no time for training, but if I did it would be downhill or super d for sure!  My goal is to encourage girls, women, ladies or whatever you want to call yourself, to get out on a bike and discover the joy of riding, of challenging yourself to always improve and to realize that nothing is too difficult if you believe in yourself!

Oh, and did I mention — its totally cool to get OFF your bike and walk it !  : )