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It’s the end of an up and down year…. We hit the stratosphere with the opening of Valmont Bike Park, and the Benjamin Loop at Betasso is a joy.  The West TSA taught us that the “old school” of the Boulder community has a much different vision for our open spaces. They have made segregation the order of the day and sharing is not in their vocabulary.

The US Forest Service is going to reap the BMA volunteer resources that the City of Boulder has spurned, and they sure do need it. The pine beetle has wiped out the lodgepole forest in West Mag, and we have a GOCO grant to redesign the trail network this year. Expect patch cutting(that’s clear cutting lite) to remove the dead trees just waiting for a spark and the trail system will be destroyed in many areas during this time.  That’s why we are going to redesign and reconstruct this trail system in the next 5 to 7 years. We might even get some work done on the Sourdough and Miller Rock.

Lots of work behind the scenes going on…. Eldo to Walker, Caribou Ranch, and the Walker Ranch Managment Plan revisit are items of interest that we’ll be watching closely in 2012.

And on the political side, we have two new County Commissioners to select. Bring it on!

As a result of the West TSA Management Plan process, staff was directed to reexamine the possibility of a multiple use trail in the Anenome Hill area.

City Council directed OSBT staff to hire a 3rd party trail contractor to determine if a multiple use trail could be constructed in the Anenome Hill area.  Contractors have been hired, and we believe they are good, reputable trail designers.

We will continue to monitor the situation and report our findings and assessment of the situation after the August 9 study session.

BMA’s Political Advocacy Committee is always looking for more people interested in the exciting behind-the-scenes world of trail advocacy. Okay, exciting is a stretch, but calling it rewarding, indispensable, and yes, often frustrating, is nothing short of the truth. Getting involved can mean as little as showing up to a public meeting or as much as serving on the committee and developing and driving a strategy for the next ten years. No matter your availability or level of commitment, you’re involvement is a huge asset to us all. If you’re interested in learning more, click here to email the Political Advocacy Committee.

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